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Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. It might sound like a complete cliche but as most cliches go, absolutely true. And since the path of yoga is not an intellectual journey, but an experienced one, these would be mere words until you set yourself on the path.

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The ancient yogic discipline is far more than a fitness method for physical health or a psychological tool to achieve peace and happiness. Wellness of body and mind, often touted as the primary benefit of modern yoga practice, is merely a by-product of becoming a fully balanced and vibrantly alive being. The Sanskrit word “yoga” comes from the word “yuj” which means, “to unite.” Hence, yoga is the union of the individual with the whole of existence, also commonly referred to as “self-realization,” “nirvana,” “mukti,” or “enlightenment.” Yoga also refers to the inner technology that will lead one to this experience – a technology formulated from rigorous inner observation, by ancient yogis over thousands of years. With their extraordinary perception and mastery over every aspect of the human mechanism, these great yogis delved into their own systems, uncovering the nature of the cosmos – a macrocosm of the human system.